It’s one thing to get back on track with your business and career, it’s an entirely different thing to STAY ON TRACK. Life takes over. Demands on your time only increase. Fear, excuses, distractions, doubt, and stress can bring everything to a grinding halt. Oh, and then there’s your leadership shadow just waiting to hijack you.

Good News! Help is Here

The truth is that EVERYONE needs an accountability coach (yes, even the uber successful who make it look so easy). I need it. You need it. We all need someone who will help us make timely decisions and take necessary actions that will move us forward in the direction of our goals. Accountability coaching is the essential ingredient that all fearless leaders need to maintain their momentum. Don’t put life on hold. Embrace the power of accountability to move forward.


Our fearless accountability mastermind will provide you with the following butt-kicking resources:

  • 'No More Excuses' group accountability virtual meet up once/month on first Thursday of the month via Zoom (90 minutes)
  • Motivating reminders and jumpstarts throughout the month via email
  • Simple tools, powerful questions, candid feedback, transparency, and a healthy dose of tough love
  • Camaraderie and connection through our private Facebook group page

No guilt/No shame/judgment-free zone. You can count on Kathy and the group to have your back. We won’t let you wiggle out of your commitments and goals. We will do everything in our power (even an intervention) to keep you on track. That’s how much we care about your success and happiness.

  • Price: $97/month
  • Minimum commitment 6-months with auto renew
  • Pay by credit card
  • Save 15% by pre-paying for a year

What’s the return on your investment? Imagine how energized, proud, and happy you will be when you start to see yourself achieving your goals, month after month after month. Can we quantify that feeling into a dollar/sense equation? 10x? 100x? 1000x? It’s hard to measure, but you will KNOW when you feel it. Maintaining your momentum is not only mission critical, but a priceless feeling.

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Limited to 20 people.

More Accountability = More Success

Whatever you do, don’t add this invitation to your To Do List. Make a yes/no decision now. Accountability is calling to you. It needs you. It wants you. And we’re here to pick up that call and MOVE FORWARD>>>>

About your Facilitator

Kathy McAfee will be your coach, mentor, and when necessary, your butt-kicking advisor in the Fearless Accountability monthly mastermind.

She is known as America's Marketing Motivator™ and is the creator of The Fearless Leader program - an 8-week group mentoring experience designed to help you prepare for the next steps in your leadership journey.

She has authored multiple business books, including Stop Global Boring, Networking Ahead, Defining YOU, and Sharpening Your Point.

A graduate of Stanford University, and a survivor of Corporate America and more importantly, of ovarian cancer, Kathy has been running her own business for more than 15 years. She believes that Accountability helps us live our lives without regrets.

Learn more about Kathy at her website:

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